Workplaces Becoming Safer


The ACT WorkSafe Commissioner, Mark McCabe, has announced that the number of people experiencing work related injuries has fallen nationally.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released data stating that the national injury rate has fallen by 4.3 percent. This is two points lower than the rate in 2005 - 2006.

Director of the Australia Bureau of Statistics labour force survey Stephen Collett, said the annual data revealed men had a higher rate of workplace injury than women.

"In 2013 - 2014, this was driven by the large number of injuries sustained by men working in the manufacturing and construction industries," he said.

"For women, the largest number of injuries occurred in the healthcare and social assistance industry, and in the accommodation and food services industry.”

The most commonly reported problems were sprains and strains, which accounted for one in three injuries, followed by joint or muscle conditions at one in five.

Of those injured, 60 percent received some form of financial assistance while, while 40 percent took no time off at all.

However, there are still concerns over safety in construction sites. There are particular concerns in the ACT where they have the worst construction site injuries in the country.

In the suburb of Crace, WorkSafe has halted six projects and issued 40 improvement notices. 

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