27 Words To Avoid On Your Resume

Writing a stellar resume can be a fiddly task which is why getting those finishing touches right is so important. Using the right words can mean the difference between your resume standing out from all the rest, or ending up in the bin. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of many of the words you should avoid when putting together your resume.

Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Foot Using These Words

1. “Capable”

Using “capable” is a no-no, as it implies you can do the job so-so. If anything, use the term “efficient”.

2. “Scalable”

This word is hard to nail down. Try to avoid using vague terms unless they really do apply to your situation.

3. “Hard-working”

Well… yeah… you better be. Hard-working ought to be a given when applying for a position. No need to mention it at all. Depending on the role your applying for “performs” may work better, or “hit, or surpass KPI’s” even better and so on. Use terms which business care about. Hint, hint: use those relating to increasing their bottom line.

4. “Innovative”

“Innovative” has simply been over-used too much over the last few years and has lost its paz-azz and is past its use by date.

5. “Communication skills”

You can “communicate”. So can you and everyone else. It’s another over-used phrase and this is one which works much better when put into action. You can show your great communication skills through ensuring your resume is articulate, to the point and well-written and demonstrate your verbal communication upon interview/telephone stage, or follow-up

6. “Motivated”

Another vague term, discard it.

Other No-No Words

Here are some more words not to use on your resume because they are either over-used, redundant, or vague:

7. Go getter

8. Think outside of the box

9. Synergy

10. Go to person

11. Leveraged 

12. Thought leadership

13. Value add

14. Results driven

15. Results orientated

16. Team player

17. Bottom-line

18. Hard worker

19. Dynamic

20. Outstanding

21. Exceptional

22. Highly skilled

23. Excellent

24. Organised

25. Top-notch

26. Creative

27. Dependable

This article was originally published on PersonnelConcept.com.au