Wind Farms Don’t Harm Health

For many years people have argued that wind farms are harmful to our heath. However, The National Health and Medical Research Council has found there is no evidence that wind farms harm health, but has called for further research.

The study involved a review of over 4000 papers on the health effects of wind farms and only 13 of these studies were of sufficient scientific quality to consider links between wind farms and health.

It therefore suggested that wind farm noise or living close to a wind farm may be linked to annoyance and disturbed sleep leading to a poorer quality of life.

Those who claim wind farms effect health say that the machines cause insomnia, headaches and dizziness.

Since the introduction of the renewable energy act in 2000 the number of wind farms has grown Australian sustainability. At the end of 2013 there were 68 wind farms and more than 1600 turbines across the country.

Wind power is becoming higher in demand as we learn to develop and install faster. 

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