When Architectural Design & Engineering Functionality Synergise

Innovative and unique architectural design and engineering functionality seamlessly come together at RAW, a Tapai restaurant which intertwines modernity with the natural environment to create a restaurant unlike any other.

An Inspired Design

RAW projects an atmosphere of primitive, modern chic thanks to the design team of Camiel Weijenberg and Sharon Guzman from Weijenberg Pte Ltd.

You won’t find any simplicity in their design for this restaurant.

A 65 metre long, intricately designed and handcrafted wooden sculpture fluidly snakes through the premises serving both artistic and practical functions.

“We needed to articulate a geometry that also had to have a strong practical element to it. Most of the central wooden sculpture at RAW is purposeful with storage,” explained Mr Weijenberg.

The sculpture was assembled together, piece by piece and the rest of the interior was decorated sparsely and modestly, in order not to detract from the main focal point – the flowing timber sculpture. 

What does Weijenberg Pte Ltd do differently?

The natural environment plays an intrinsic role in the direction of the firm’s architectural designs.

“Our ethos, ‘Crafting of the Traditional’ means we have a modern outlook, yet classic design approach that is functional and complements elements that surround the environment,” stated Camiel Weijenberg founder and director of Weijenberg Pte Ltd.

RAW Design Considerations Taken On-Board

When coming up with the architectural and structural design of RAW, the design team focused on:

Avoiding a ‘boxy’ approach (distinctly partitioning-off restaurant sections). Creating clear-cut restaurant sections was considered far too restrictive for the restaurant’s highly creative head chef, Andre Chiang.

To accommodate Chiang’s creative approach and working style an intentionally borderless interior was envisioned instead.

The Major Design Challenge Faced

The challenge a borderless interior presented to seamless restaurant functionality was not lost upon the design team.

The team incorporated practical features throughout RAW’s snaking wooden-sculpture including storage spaces and nooks, as well as installing a counter and wine island by the entrance in keeping with the timber aesthetics. 

This article was originally published on EngineerJobs.com.au