What’s Happening in Real Estate Markets Across the Globe?

Melbourne and Sydney are not alone in experiencing booming property prices, many other real estate markets across the globe are in a similar situation according to The Global Property Guide’s latest worldwide survey.

Let’s take a look at what is happening in property around the world with a peek at the highlights from The Global Property Guide’s worldwide survey of international housing markets.

The Global Property Guide reports on 39 of the world’s property markets and has recently announced annual growth in 25 of the 39 real estate markets surveyed.

Other interesting results have also been released. 

Survey Highlights of Worldwide Real Estate Markets

Top 5 Housing Markets Experiencing Year-on-Year House Price Growth

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong leads the way. Valuations jumped by 16.4% annually and by 3.8% for the quarter (adjusted for inflation).

2. Ireland

3. Estonia (Tallinn)

4. Philippines (Manila)

5. Iceland

How Are Our Neighbours Faring?

New Zealand is experiencing 5.2% yearly real estate price growth, though after a massive drop in June, experts predict the country’s housing market may start to underperform over the next few months as the boom is being driven almost by Auckland’s exponential growth alone.

Japan (Tokyo) boasted strong yearly growth.

South Korea & Thailand also reported property price increases for the year.

China (Beijing), Taiwan & Vietnam also reported falling residential house prices.

House prices in Indonesia’s 14 biggest cities plummeted.

Singapore house prices dropped by 3.4% annually and by 0.7% for the quarter. Research conducted by Knight Frank, an independent property advisory firm supports these findings, concluding Singapore’s property market has been weakening for 18 months. 

What’s Happening in Europe?

Most Stable Property Price Growth Seen In…

The countries experiencing the most solid, annual real estate price growth on-par with Estonia are:

Other European Countries Experiencing Property Price Jumps

Real Estate Prices Dropping in These European Countries:

The Biggest Property Price Falls Reported In…

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