What You Need to Know About Living In Perth


Just over 2 million, one third of whom were born overseas.

Perth’s World Ranking

Since 2004, Perth has been ranked amongst the Top 10 most liveable cities in the world.


The pulsing Western Australian capital of Perth is an isolated city residing on the shores of the Indian Ocean, its city-centre sprawls out from the banks of the Swan River, meeting national parks and state forests which encircle the city to the North, East and South.

Perth is an architectural marvel & modern multicultural metropolis which offers a combined city & coastal lifestyle second to none. With pristine beaches stretching for kilometres up and down the shore, a beating cultural heart, incredible and varied cuisine, shopping and nightlife and an abundance of nature escapes and wine regions nearby, the city is a gateway to everything Western Australia has to offer.


Perth is a great place to live for those who enjoy outdoor activities. The city has a Mediterranean-like climate meaning warm weather and sunshine is in abundance for most of the year. In fact, Perth enjoys the sunniest days per year out of all Australian capital cities with just a brief, fairly mild and sunny winter. 

Summer: December to February - Fine and dry experiencing warm to hot weather. December & January are usually regarded as the most sweltering months for Perth residents. Rain during summer is unusual. An afternoon sea-breeze called the Fremantle Doctor is known to gust off the ocean and across the city on hot days delivering relief from the heat.

During the day temperatures range from 27 to -30 degrees Celsius and in the night they reach a minimum of 15 degrees Celsius.

Autumn: March to May - Feels pretty much like summer with the weather still usually fine and a just a few showers making an appearance.

Winter: June to August – With the fairly mild winter comes the rainy season. Temperatures range from 18 to 21 degrees Celsius, dropping to a minimum of 12 degrees Celsius during the night.

Spring: September to November – Perth returns to sunny and warm days with average temperatures of around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius and little rainfall in sight. Nature comes back to life in Western Australia so this would be the perfect time to visit the Botanic Gardens and take a wander down the Wilderness & Wildflowers Trail.

Getting Around

Perth is a fairly easy city to get around in no matter which form of transport you choose. Efficient rail networks, highways, freeways and cycle paths all link-up the metropolitan area.


Perth is the fastest growing Australian capital city. Jobs growth from 2014 up-to November 2018 is forecast to be particularly strong in Greater Perth up-by 104,300 (9.8 per cent).

Areas of Perth 

Job Outlook

With the end of the mining and resources boom comes a transitioning phase for the city as what once were the state’s major industries and drivers of job growth wind-back operations and move towards adopting automation technologies.

For many sectors Perth’s future job outlook is uncertain, but there are still many job opportunities available within the energy & resources sector, on top of diversification into other growing sectors such as health & aged care, construction & property, and education.

Looking ahead, the city’s close proximity to Asian markets including Indonesia, India and China opens-up massive potential for Asian investment in minerals, energy, tourism, renewables and more.

Some experts predict resource sector innovations will drive high-tech sector growth in Western Australia into the future.

A joint-report from Knowledge Society, a Perth consultancy firm and the University of Western Australia has found that Western Australia is leading the country in 8 out of 12 technologies which have been pin-pointed as integral to the worldwide economy over the coming decade. This included robotics, oil and gas exploration, renewable energy and energy storage, as well as autonomous vehicle development.

23 Things To Do In Perth

1. You’ll find some of the best coffee around in Mount Lawley.

2. Take a bushwalk in any one of the various nature parks and state forests which surround the city.

3. You’ll find the city’s cultural heart and much of its nightlife scene located in Northbridge, north of the railway line.

You can get lost for days winding your way through the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art and the Western Australian Museum, while during the night Gay Club Connections offers an amusing and laughter-filled evening. For something more cultured, head over to the area of Subiaco where you will find jazz musicians and regular live bands.

4. History-buffs should take a tour of Fremantle Prison, Fremantle Museum and the Maritime Museum.

5. Hop on a boat and take a cruise to Fremantle down the river.

6. Visit Swan Valley vineyards and enjoy some winery tours.

7. Take a swim at one of Perth’s most famous and most popular beaches, Cottesloe Beach. It can get very crowded so if you prefer fewer people head north to the calm waters of Sorrento Beach.

8. If antiques are your thing, then go to Guildford to browse the antique shops. Who knows what you might find.

9. Swim with dolphins just a 45 minute drive from Perth at Rockingham.

10. Join the locals and take a dip at any of the numerous pristine bays and beaches on Rottnest Island. A quiet retreat from the world, Rottnest is a serene haven perfect for a lazy day in the sun.

11. Check out Kings Park Botanic Gardens, one of the biggest inner-city parks on the planet. It’s a short free bus ride, or walk from the city centre. Why not bring a picnic along if you’re with someone special.

12. Get your adrenaline levels up over at Adventure World amusement park.

13. The Ocean Beach Hotel, also known as OBH is the perfect place to wind down over a drink while gazing across the water in the saloon bar. Situated in Cottesloe, you can grab a leisurely lunch during the day, while at night it becomes a favourite hangout for the local university students.

14. Or you can always grab a bite at any of the fish and chip shops by the beach at sunset.

15. Theatre-goers can see a show at the State Theatre Centre, or The Blue Room Theatre.

16. For a fun clubbing night out, you can’t go past The Hip-E Club, one of Perth’s most beloved, pumping and oldest nightclubs.

17. Do cliff-jumping at Blackwall Reach.

18. Meet the animals over at Perth Zoo.

19. If you really want to get some exercise in then why not walk “The Coast” from North Beach to Trigg.

20. Get out on the water and learn to surf.

21. Enjoy live music at The Rosemount, or Metro’s.

22. For cocktail-aficionados, Print Hall, Laneway Lounge, Bobeche and LallaRookh are the places to be for world-class cocktails created by some of the best bartenders in Australia.

23. Take a seat, or wander the crowds people watching & shopping at Freo Markets 30 minutes by train out from Perth, or The Subiaco Farmers Market.

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