5 Ways To Transform Your Office!

Firms are taking on new models for their workplaces, making them more collaborative, interactive, efficient and environmentally friendly.

1. Make the workplace bright and fun. Office buildings are being transformed from dreary grey spaces with desks and filing cabinets. They now have lounges, plants, swings, slides and artificial lawns. No longer are they boring and intimidating. They are bright and friendly. 

2. Get rid of paper. Offices, especially law firms, are hiring staff to scan and file old paper documents so that everyone in the office can access what is needed at anytime. 

3. Technology revolution. People are no longer taking briefcases of files to meetings, all they need is a simple tablet. Everything is at their fingertips. Documents, emails and internet. 

4. Stop taking yourself so seriously. People have stopped being so serious. They are still professional, however, more approachable and down to earth. Some people are even using super hero names on their cards to describe their expertise and have a conversation starter. 

5. Collaborative workspace. An office in New York has just installed the world’s largest desk, used by 125 people. The desk aims to get everyone working together and moving around the workplace. This is easy for employees because they no longer need separate space because everything they need is either on their tablet or laptop.


This article was originally published on PersonnelConcept.com.au