10 Ways To Boost Your Career Mentality

Job hunting for someone in their twenties can be hard. You often haven’t got the experience to get the job or you’re beaten by maturity. However there are some ways to boost your chances in landing that dream career.

Always show gratitude. 

Expressing genuine gratitude to someone who has gone out of their way to help you is a way of leaving a lasting impression. It could be anything such as a thank you, a coffee or a hard written card.

Remember this too, shall pass. 

Whether you’re riding high on good fortune or you’re wallowing in the dumps of tough times, things move on and so will you. Be grateful when things are good even if everything else is crumbling around you.

Never expect someone else to advocate for your best interest or to navigate major life decisions. 

People will always be there to help, however don’t rely on them. You know what’s best for you. Take the time and think about what really suits you.

Maintain your professional reputation. 

Don’t burn bridges with people you have worked with. By investing time and cultivating these relationships you will be able to use these connections in the future.

Every night, think of three positive things from the day – no matter how minor. 

Positive thinking is an excellent way of increasing gratitude and happiness. Both qualities that have been documented to generate success. 

Exude confidence. 

Be confident in yourself and others will have confidence in you. In other words, fake it till you make it!

Surround yourself with people who nurture you and encourage you.

This is self-explanatory but also extremely relevant in both your professional and personal life.

Be generous with yourself. 

Work on small luxuries for yourself. It can be anything from a new wardrobe to simply making your bed so it is nice for you to come home to.

Understand that job interviews are a two-way street.

The company is as much a candidate for you as you are for them. If they don’t feel like a fit for you then you are entitled to decline.

Mistakes can be gifts. 

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. You learn from them and end up in bigger and better places.

This article was originally published on PersonnelConcept.com.au