Want Career Advice & Insight Straight From The Pros? There’s An App for That!

Real Talk, the innovative career app developed by The Learning Partnership (a Canadian charity) for Android/iOS provides crowdsourced stories from young professionals who have survived and prospered in today’s tough job market. These people offer real insight, guidance and advice to other professionals as to what a career in their chosen field really entails.  

The app also offers a wealth of job application advice which covers the job hunt process from the start to finish. 

Whether you are just starting out in your field, or thinking about making a late-life change, Real Talk isn’t just spouting hot air, it can be a real boon to helping you make the decision right for you.

What Sort of Careers Does Real Talk Cover?

The advice and interviews included stretch the whole gamut of professions. You can listen to: 

And so many more…

7 Major Benefits Of Using This App For Career Research

  1. The app is totally free to install and use.

  2. The app opens the door to over 400 crowdsourced stories from young professionals across diverse fields.

  3. Enjoy unhindered access to interviews, thorough career advice and loads of information supplied by a plethora of young professionals for young professionals, all designed to help you make the right career choice and cross all the right boxes along the way.

  4. You can simply browse at your leisure, or you can look to the guided questions included in the app to help you locate a specific person, or job of interest.

  5. The app lets you create your own account so you can bookmark any interviews, or advice you would like to come back to. You may also email advice and interviews you like, or share them with another app to check them out later.

  6. The app also gives you an option of viewing only the ‘most liked’, or ‘most bookmarked’ crowdsourced career information through the drop-down menu located by the logo at the top of the screen once the app is open.

  7. The ‘Explore’ page (represented by the compass in the top-right corner) allows you to check out careers based on your strengths/interests. You can check-out jobs in categories spanning:


This article was originally published on PersonnelConcept.com.au