Top 5 Jobs That Do Not Require University Degree

In today’s world, school leavers assume they need a degree to be well paid and distinguished. However, that isn’t the case. Here are the top five jobs that don't require university study.

Air Traffic Controller (Approximately $100,000)

Monitor and direct the movement of aircraft. Median annual wages of air traffic controllers are the highest of any occupation in which workers typically do not need a bachelor's degree. You receive on the job training.

Transportation, Storage and Distribution Managers (approximately $80,000)

Plan, direct, or coordinate transportation, storage, or distribution activities in accordance with organizational policies and applicable government laws or regulations.

First-line Supervisors of Police and Detectives (Approximately $90,000)

Coordinate activities of members of police force. You receive on the job training.

Radiation Therapists (Approximately $80,000)

Check equipment, observe patients' reactions to treatment, and document the session.

Elevator Installers and Repairers (Approximately $75,000)

Elevator installers and repairers install, fix, and maintain elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and other lifts.