Top 10 Engineering, Science and IT jobs!

So you’ve decided you want to be an Engineer, Scientist or IT worker, however, how do you choose what field to go into? There are hundreds of job descriptions but we have picked the top 10 best paying and most in demand jobs in the field.

  1. Software Engineer – due to their high salaries and high demand.
  2. Computer Systems Analyst – due to high job growth, and the way the world is adapting technology into its businesses.
  3. Biomedical Engineer – with diseases like Ebola and Cancer needing cures and preventative medication there will always be jobs for biomedical engineers.
  4. Computer Systems Administrator – Computers have glitches all the time and as they become more involved with business and education there is more demand.
  5. Petroleum Engineer – Increased Oil exploration across the world has increased demand for this form of engineer.
  6. Civil Engineer – Investment in infrastructure is occurring all over the world and civil engineers are key to keeping those buildings safe.
  7. Web Developer – A web developer is a low stress, well-paying and in-demand job with the rise of business going online.
  8. Technical Writer – Bridging the communication gap between engineers and consumers is the Technical writer.
  9. Environmental Engineer – With Climate Change being a growing concern, environmental engineers are in demand, looking at ways we can do things without harming the environment.
  10. Mechanical Engineer – This is one of the highest paying jobs and has many spaces available. There will always be cars and planes to build.