Top 5 Construction Apps

App technology is creeping into construction technology all the time. Currently, there are over 13,000 construction apps. So we’ve gone through and picked out the top five for your convenience.

  1. PlanGrid

This app is one of the best iPhone, iPad construction apps around. The app lets contractors and architects collaborate with all their project plans, specs and photos. You can upload PDF drawings to and they will automatically sync to all your teams in real time.

  1. ConstructionHelper

This app is available on Google Play. This app allows easy calculations for areas, total surface and price of surfaces groups, rectangular prism volumes, volume cost and weight, and total cost and weight of volume groups.

  1. Snapseed

This is a free app on Android and Apple, which allows selective focus, filters, old-type effects, and black-and-white options with varying contrast filters. It was voted the best mobile photo app for 2012 and iPad app of the year. And once you’re done manipulating your image, share it on Twitter or Facebook with a swipe and a tap or two.

  1. Contruction Master Pro

The app offers a range of calculators for Android smartphones and iPads, including feet-inch-fraction math calculators, and a version that can be used to estimate materials needed for stair railing and fence projects.

  1. iBlueprint

           iBlueprint for Apple devices has a new user interface that lets users create and export custom floor plans and lets contractors                  access blueprints on jobsites.

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