5 Tips for Standing Out in your Interviews

Job hunting is a very stressful time, you’ve already applied for many jobs, probably gotten some no’s, a few yes’s, and now you’ve got a couple of interviews lined up – congratulations!

It’s normal to get nervous, but to help you prepare for your interviews and get a bit more relaxed and confident about them, we have gathered a few tips on how to do well and leave a lasting impression on your interviewer. You should be remembered – but for all the right reasons!

1. Do your homework

Do some research on the company you are interviewing for; know what they do, who they target and a couple of their main products or services. You might want to look up your interviewer’s profile on LinkedIn, if you find out you’re both into tennis, you can even add that to the small talk “how was your weekend?” “Oh, it was great, I got second place at the local tournament”. Details like this will make you relatable, likeable and memorable. 

2. Be Early

Always aim to arrive 20 minutes early. This way, even if there’s traffic, you’ll still be on time. Make sure you sign in at reception 5 minutes before the appointed time. And in case you arrive way ahead of time, you have can grab a coffee and go through your prepared answers.

3. Look the Part

As much as we wish society weren’t so superficial, looks still do matter. So make sure you present yourself appropriately. Dress for the job you want, make a statement with a bold shirt, blouse or tie. Just by doing that you will notice your posture will be better and your confidence levels will boost.

4. Be Confident

No one is going to hire a person who is unsure of themselves. You don’t have to be perfect, but remember why you decided to apply for the job in the first place – show the interviewer you have the confidence, experience and skills to get the job done, and they won’t have a reason not to hire you.

5. Send a “thank you” Note

Again, this is about helping them remember you. Most times an email thanking your interviewer for their time and telling them what impressed you the most will suffice. But if you feel like you want to go the extra mile, a hand-written thank-you note is a nice touch.

If you are still very nervous about your upcoming interviews, remember that just like anything else, practice makes perfect, so the more interviews you go to, the more relaxed and comfortable you will be. Keep in mind that your interviewer is just a person, and they know you are nervous – while they are there to get to know you and assess if you are a right fit for the job/company, they’re not to be feared.


This article was originally published on PersonnelConcept.com.au