Thinking About Living In Sydney?—Sydney Blog Part 1

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According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over the coming year Sydney’s population will climb to over 5 million sometime in April 2016.

Sydney’s World Ranking

Sydney is the world’s 7th most liveable city according to The Economist’s magazine’s Intelligence Unit’s annual global rankings results.


Sydney is arguably Australia’s most stunning city.

A multicultural hub overflowing with endless possibilities when it comes to leisure pursuits and cultural & sporting events of all kinds. Whether you are young and just starting out in your career, well on the way up the ladder, or beginning a family, Sydney is a pulsing city full of culture & life, boasting an outdoor-centric lifestyle perfect no matter what stage of life you’re in.

As the city is drenched in sun most of the year round you’ll find Sydney offers no end of outdoor activities and locales to keep you entertained. It offers a diverse mix of coastal areas, bushland, rainforest and green spaces.

From fine cuisine to beachside casual dining, you can indulge your palate any way you wish. Whether culturally inclined, or a beach-goer, the city has something for everyone.

What’s Sydney’s Weather Like?

You’ll be glad to hear the city enjoys glorious weather most of the year round.

Summer: December to February - warm to hot with average maximum temperatures sitting around 26 degrees Celsius. Humidity can hit 65% during this period. Temperatures vary between 18.6 and 25.8 degrees Celsius in January, making it normally the hottest month.

Autumn: March to May – mild and pleasant, thanks to lower humidity levels.

Winter: June to August - mild to cool. July is the coldest winter month. Maximum average temperatures usually reach 16 degrees Celsius. Daytime temperatures hover do not normally dip below 7 degrees Celsius.  

Spring: September to November – warmer days and lower humidity compared to summer with temperatures ranging between 11 and 23 degrees Celsius.

Rainfall: Spread-out through the year. Highest from March to June.

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