The Top 20, Most In-Demand Job Skills For 2015 Are…

If you’re thinking about making a career change in the New Year then pay attention, because these are the year’s hottest, most prized and sought after job skills amongst Australian businesses according to global freelancing platform Upwork.

All of the jobs posted on Upwork’s website were analysed over the period of 2015 and the conclusion was clear:

Australian businesses are looking for digitally fluent employees who can get their head around & keep up with the ever-evolving digital environment. They should also have a knack for Adobe Photoshop.

Is A Trend Emerging?

It looks like Australian business owners are increasingly recognising the need for adding technologically savvy employees to their team. The speed of technological and digital advancements is ramping up and the pace at which it is being adopted by larger companies is leaving many businesses struggling to compete.

Looking at the analysed results, it would appear Australian business owners are aware the only way forward for many of them is by ensuring their firm is equipped with knowledgeable staff with great computer know-how and problem solving ability, individuals who can get up to speed with tech quickly, while identifying and seizing the opportunities such technological progress presents.

The Results Are Backed-Up By LinkedIn

Previous LinkedIn research drew similar results when it revealed its most in-demand skills for 2014 were integration software, data mining and search engine optimisation knowledge.

Most Popular Skills Sought After By Australian Businesses Are…

  1. Graphic design

  2. WordPress

  3. Internet research

  4. PHP development

  5. Data entry

  6. Content writing

  7. Adobe Photoshop

  8. Web design

  9. 9.JavaScript development

  10. 10. Social media marketing

  11. Website development

  12. Search engine optimisation

  13. HTML5 development

  14. Adobe Illustrator

  15. Logo design

  16. CSS

  17. Virtual Assistant

  18. Copywriting

  19. Administrative support

  20. Lead generation 

Communication Skills Remain Integral & Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

“I really think people still need to look at human interaction skills. These skills [the most in-demand list] are exceptionally important and needed in this digital age, but people need to be able to relate to the people they’re servicing. Make sure they have really good listening skills and communication skills. They also have to be a team player,” reminded Margaret Harrison, a HR firm owner and expert in change management & organisational development.

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