The New Year Brings With It New Laws, Rules, Regulations & Leaders

2016 has kicked-off with leadership changes and a burst of fresh rules, regulations and laws.

11 Changes across the Globe in 2016?

1. Saudi Arabia

2016 is a historic moment for women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The first elected female representatives take their seats this year on local municipal councils.

2. Northern Ireland

This year, Arlene Foster takes-over leadership of Northern Ireland as its first elected, female first minister.

3. Estonia

From this year same-sex couples can be registered & recognised as partners and as living together thanks to the enactment of Estonia’s 

freshly-minted ‘Civil Partnership Act’. The scheme is similar to civil-unions for same-sex couples in effect in various countries all over the globe, including Australia.

4. Stockholm, Sweden & Copenhagen, Denmark

Identity checks are now in force for people entering Sweden through Denmark.

5. Delhi, India

In an attempt to reduce air-pollution in the capital territory of India, some drivers are now only allowed to use their vehicles on every second day. Female drivers remain unaffected by the change. Taxis, buses and natural-gas powered vehicles are also exempt.

6. Japan

The island nation has implemented a social security and tax number system for individuals called ‘My Number’, which allows the Japanese government fast access to their denizens social security and tax information.

7. France

All dogs and cats for sale in France now need a tax registration number. The number must be printed in all animal adverts. This change is aimed at reducing the private breeding & online trade of these pets.

8. Illinois, USA

Leaving animals outside in extreme temperatures (hot or cold) is now a class A misdemeanour resulting in prison time of up to 1 year along with a fine of up to US $2,500. Unfortunately, judges have the power to impose lesser sentences at their discretion.

9. Germany

New rules now in force mandate supervisory boards must ensure a 30% female representation, gender-quota on non-executive boards in response to a survey which revealed women are staggeringly under-represented in business..

10. Ontario, Canada

‘Kid-friendly’ tobacco flavours are now banned, as is the selling of vaporisers and e-cigarettes to those aged below 19 years of age.

11. The Netherlands

In an effort to curb littering, Dutch shoppers now have to fork out for their plastic bags when hitting the stores.  

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