The Hunt Is on to Find Australia’s most Innovative Engineers for 2016?

Engineers Australia, our biggest and most diversified engineering professional body which represents over 100,000 members across the country is on the hunt for 50 of this year’s most exceptional Australian engineers.

The Nominees Should Be Outstanding Engineers

Only innovative engineering specialists who have proven themselves indispensable and committed to the engineering field and have made exceptional contributions to the sector, profession and community should be nominated.

Who can enter the 2016 Australia’s 

Most Innovative Engineers Awards? 

The 2016 Engineering Award Results Will be published

The 50 most innovative Australian engineers for 2016 will be unveiled in this year’s July issue of Engineers Australia’s ‘Create’ magazine.

2016 Nomination Deadline

Friday, 26th February, but an extension may be negotiated with the Awards Coordinator.

Privacy Isn’t a Problem

Any proprietary information about your product, project, or tech can be left unpublished if it causes any privacy concerns for the business you work for. Just provide a general description, leaving out any specific details which might be risky to include. If in doubt, omit.

How to enter the 2016 Australia Engineering Awards

To nominate yourself, or an outstanding engineering professional you know, visit:

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