The Australian Construction Sector Is Gearing Up For 2016 Boom Times

A new Australian construction sector outlook survey reveals the industry will experience an exceptional year in 2016 driven by surging demand in road, rail and apartment projects.

According to the Australian Financial Review, this hyper-activity infrastructure boom forecast is evidence of the construction industry’s recovery from the mining & resources down-turn and of the burgeoning business confidence within the sector.

Australian Construction Sector Outlook Survey Highlights

Key predictions of the Australian construction industry lobby group survey: 

Good News Not Only For Construction

The wider economy also stands to benefit from increased construction demand.

“The improving outlook for Australia's diverse construction sector & the balanced composition of that outlook are good news for the sector & for the broader economy. It's a promising outlook of a more rapid rebound than had previously been expected. With commercial construction anticipated to lift in 2015 – 2016 & 2016 – 2017, & with the apartment building boom expected to continue, the outlook is for the most balanced pattern of growth for many years," elaborated Innes Willox, the Australian Industry Group chief executive..

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