Take This Personality Test To Determine Your Career

Truity Psychometrics have created a method that breaks down 16 different four letter personality types that dissect how different people understand and make decisions.

These four dimensions of personality type are listed below. As you read through take note of what letters relate to you. For example if you are an Extravert, Sensor, Thinker and Judger your letter grouping would be ESTJ.

Energy Style

Extravert (E) – like working with other people, on teams and in busy spaces.

Introvert (I) – like working independently or in small groups in calm, quiet spaces.

Thinking Style

Sensor (S) – like working with concrete things like people, data and machines.

Intuitive (N) – like working with abstract things like theories, ideas and possibilities.

Values Style

Thinker (T) – want work that uses their intelligence and lets them excel.

Feeler (F) – want work that reflects their values and helps other people.

Life Style

Judger (J) – like organisation and a structures orderly workplace.

Perceiver (P) – like flexibility and freedom. Don't mind a little bit of chaos.

So now that you have your letter grouping here are the results.

Your Career Type is...

Pragmatists  - love their work when they can use logical systems to produce tangible results.

ESTJ = General Manager, Insurance Agent, Load Officer, School Administrator, Chef.

ISTJ = Accountant, Office Manager, Probation Officer, Logistician, Systems Administrator.

ESTP = Building contractor, Police Detective, Financial Advisor, Sales Manager, Military Officer.

ISTP = Carpenter, Mechanic, Computer Hardware Engineer, Operations Assistant, Police Officer.

Caretakers – love their work when they can do practical things to help other people.

ESFJ = Elementary Teacher, Child Care Director, Nutritionist, Cosmetologist, Registered Nurse.

ISFJ = Social Worker, Bookkeeper, Medical Secretary, Executive Assistant, Kindergarten Teacher.

ESFP = Recreational Director, Customer Service Rep, Receptionist, Dental Assistant, Bartender.

ISFP = Veterinary Technician, Equipment Repair, Surveyor, Home Health Aide, Jeweller.

Theorists – love their work when they can come up with innovative new ideas and inventions.

ENTJ = Executive, Engineer, Attorney, Architect, Physician.

INTJ = Software Engineer, Technical Writer, Judge, Surgeon, Microbiologist.

ENTP = Urban Planner, Entrepreneur, Producer/Director, Real Estate Agent, Reporter.

INTP = Software Engineer, Medical Scientist, Mathematician, Psychiatrist, College Professor.

Empaths – love their work when they can improve people’s lives and make the world a better place.

ENFJ = Non-profit director, Teacher, Health Educator, PR Specialist, Minister.

INFJ = School Counsellor, Writer, Interior Designer, Paediatrician, Veterinarian.

ENFP = Recreational Therapist, Restaurateur, Preschool Teacher, Travel Writer, Landscape Architect.

INFP = Animator, Psychologist, Librarian, Author, Fine Artist.

So how did you go? Was the test right?

This article was originally published on PersonnelConcept.com.au