Self-Improvement: Worthwhile Courses for Early-Career Professionals

One of the most sought after quality in employees by hiring managers is commitment to self-improvement. Professionals who are willing to learn new skills and grow are highly regarded in the job market – and, if you’ve been unemployed for a while, it is recommended you occupy and improve yourself so when asked about what you’ve done in the recent past, you have more to say than “applying for jobs”.

This doesn’t mean you need to study full-time, or that you even need to actually leave the house; online courses allow you to personalise your learning experience, so you can go for short courses and study for a few hours each week. The most important thing is to pick courses that will teach you valuable skills you can use to help your job search, and skills you will still use once you find employment. Here are some examples:

Resume and Interviews Workshops

Learn how to word your accomplishments and experiences so to briefly convey your message – both written and verbally. Learn how to respond to interview questions and make sure you leave a great impression on your interviewer.


One of the most important skills in any industry, as you will need to negotiate with clients, suppliers, peers, and management. Learn how to do so effectively and confidently.


The third most sought-after skill in the job market is definitely worth investing in and developing. Communicate with management and stakeholders, and learn to masterfully put your thoughts into words.


In today’s world, this is definitely a necessary skill. If you are not a social butterfly, there are courses you can take that can help you gain confidence to go out there and mingle.

Transferrable skills

If you are not yet set in a specific industry, focusing on learning skills that are useful in any workplace is a good move. Communication, public speaking, time management, and leadership are all highly regarded skills that will help you in your professional life.

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