SA Hornsdale Wind Farm to Bring 250 Jobs to the Region

The Hornsdale Wind Farm located near Jamestown in South Australia is due to begin construction over the next few months.

The farm is expected to create 250 jobs in the region, 10 of which will be permanent. Denis Clark, Northern Areas Council Mayor agrees the wind farm will be a boon for the region, attesting “it creates employment for the whole council area.”

Spearheaded by Neoen Australia, the wind farm project is finally moving through the pipeline after receiving approval from the government for its Offset Management Plan & Scientific Monitoring & Research Plan in July of this year.

A power purchase contract awarded to Neoen under the Australian Capital Territory government wind farm, auction scheme covers the first 100 MW stage of what could potentially be a 315 MW development.

The End Result

Up to 105 turbines will be in operation across the wind farm, with a combined capacity up to 270 MW. Neoen expects the wind farm to provide power to 60,000 homes initially, with more to come once it’s fully up and running. 

The mid-north, 100 turbine wind farm is expected to begin its initial stage of 100 megawatts production sometime in 2017.

Why South Australia?

South Australia is “one of the best sites in Australia for a wind farm”, according Frank Woitiez, the managing director of Neoen Australia.

South Australia is leading the country in renewable energy production, generating 41% of Australia’s wind energy capacity. The Global Wind Energy Council reported that at the close of 2014, Australia possessed 3.8 GW of working wind parks.

Ian Hunter, the State Climate Change Minister is proud of South Australia’s reputation for leading the country in green energy investment and is confident it will continue to set an example for the rest of Australia well into the future.

“This project helps reinforce South Australia’s reputation as the country’s foremost renewable energy state, and helps contribute to the $10 billion low carbon investment target as well as the (state’s) 50% renewable energy target , both to be achieved by 2025”, said Mr Hunter.

Who are the Contractors?

2 contractors have been locked in for the project:

Catcon for civil construction

CPP for electrical engineering 

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