Robots, Drones & Clouds Are the Future of Australian Mining

Digital disruption and technological innovation is slowly making its presence felt throughout the Australian mining industry (along with many others), indicating our country is on the brink of robot, drone and cloud technological transformation.

When the Internet of Things (IoT) finally gets into full swing we can expect to see this slow transformation explode into a huge technological revolution across the country, affecting all industries.

Recent research from IDC shows Australia is increasingly adopting advances in mining technology:

The Challenges Posed by Technological and Digital Innovation

The IDC research identifies bridging the gap between corporate IT and the mining sector as posing the biggest hurdle to effectively using the technological advancements available.

Both IT and mining need to be on the same page, work together, connect and communicate in order for the successful and seamless integration of digital and technological mining advancements.

Tips for Successfully Linking Corporate IT and the Mining Sector

Matt Oostveen, the Chief Technology Officer of VCE (Virtual Computing Environment) has some suggestions for initiating the connection process:

1. Establish ‘tiger teams’ whose sole purpose is the unified implementation of the new technology across the business’ divisions.

By 2016 Australia may see 50% of all its heavy-weight mining companies establish such teams, also called cross-functional IT operations/LOB (Line of Business) teams, to deal exclusively with ‘third platform technology’.  IDC uses ‘third platform technology’ as a blanket term to encompass IT built on cloud services, mobile devices, big-data and social technologies. It has everything to do with linking supply with demand in the shared economy.

2. In Mr Oostveen’s experience, the most successful teams are set apart by a few key traits:

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