9 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get Hired & No It Wasn’t Anything You Did

You really wanted that new job, you went for the interview, and you thought you nailed it, dazzling the recruiter with your intellect and charm, finessing your way through the questions, effortlessly connecting on a personal level, you thought it should have been a done deal.

But, alas, a few days, or weeks later you receive a generic rejection email leaving you wondering what went wrong. Was it something you did? Something you said?  

Just because you didn’t manage to wrangle the role doesn’t mean you lost out through any fault of your own.  So put your self-doubt to rest and recover your confidence with these 9 reasons why it’s not your fault you didn’t get the job.

9 Reasons Why Job Candidates Didn’t Get That Job

1. You came on too strong, riding into the interview on a wave of supreme-confidence and self-assuredness you unintentionally intimidated the recruiter, or hiring manager, giving them second thoughts as to whether hiring you might come back to bite them. Your confidence may be mistaken for arrogance. So tread this fine line carefully and be aware of how you come across in interview situations.

2. You got bumped out of the final candidate line-up because a higher-up manager put another candidate’s name forward for the position and the recruiter, or hiring manager decided to go for the higher-up manager’s pick, thinking it may earn them a favour from the higher-up further down the line.

3. The job you interviewed for may be within a highly chaotic, stressful department or business and the recruiter, or hiring manager gets the vibe that your personality probably isn’t suited to such a dysfunctional environment and you wouldn’t stay long.

4. The recruiter, or hiring manager put little thought into their original job ad, they just wanted to get it up there and get interviews started, but after you and the first few candidates came through they realised they really needed to put more thought into what sort of person is needed for the position, so they decided to refine the advertisement criteria dramatically and you didn’t make the cut.

5. Your online job application was simply never read by the recruiter, or hiring manager. It got lost in their spam folder, or they’d simply already made their hiring decision before they’d scrolled down their inbox to find your application.  

6. You are bringing home a larger salary at your current job, but feel this new position may provide better opportunity to grow your career. Despite assuring the recruiter, or hiring manager that you would be willing to lose a bit of your yearly income, game to earn the new business’ set salary rate, the recruiter, or hiring manager, or somebody else along the hiring process is peeved, jealous and/or intimidated by you earning bigger figures and puts a stop to your ascension into the role.

7. Their priorities were simply misaligned. You had years of relevant experience, but the recruiter or hiring manager opted to go for a candidate who came from the same industry, preferring a person who had perfected industry specific lingo to someone who actually possessed years of actual experience.

8. They didn’t hire anyone at all, the business just used the job advertisement to survey their market and gain consulting ideas for free from unsuspecting job seekers.

9. Company management is getting the boot so all hiring processes have ground to a halt. They’re apparently too busy replacing management to bother letting job applicants know what’s going on.