5 Real Life Transformers In Disguise

Engineers and scientists across the globe are designing and building next-gen transforming machines which raise the bar on what’s actually possible. These machines could completely revolutionise air warfare and how we travel.

1. Monaco 2050

Vasily Klyukin’s visionary Monaco 2050 will hail in a new era of sea and air travel if the concept ever gets off the ground. The name refers to the year in which it could be completed. Described as a “flying yacht”, this airborne transformer is the embodiment of extravagance full of luxurious perks for the inhabitants.

The vessel’s top-deck is designed to detach itself from the body of the yacht, changing into a helicopter. But that’s not allnce the helicopter hits an altitude of 3,000 feet it transforms into a private jet.

2. BAE Transformer

London based, BAE Systems are working on developing a military Transformer concept which could deliver transforming fighter jets by 2040. 

BAE describes it as “a flexible aircraft system that combines smaller jets for more efficient travel, before having them split apart to quickly adapt to any scenario”.

Once their mission is complete, the jets reassemble back into one single, flying unit.

3. J-deite

Sometime after 2020 Transformers fans may get the opportunity to own their own Autobot with the completion of J-deite RIDE, the world’s first driveable robot from Japanese engineering firm, Brace Robotics.

Once complete, J-deite RIDE will weigh around 680 kilograms, travel at about 65 km p/h and have the ability to transform into a car in around 10 seconds.   

The first prototype is here already, J-deite Quarter. In its robot incarnation, J-deite can walk at 1 kilometre per hour and once transformed into a vehicle it moves at about a running pace of 10 km p/h.

4. Lane Splitter

Here’s another transformer concept idea straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Argodesign’s eccentric Lane Splitter concept is a 4-seater, 4-wheel vehicle which breaks-off straight down the middle separating into 2 stand-alone motorbikes.

The 2 front wheels of the car separate along with the bikes to form the front bike wheels when the vehicle splits in half. Both vessels are equipped with their own electric engine and steering wheel.


From Canadian designer, Benjamin Gulak, comes the UNO III, a dual-purpose transformer which can change itself from an electric motorcycle into a Segway by sliding its 2 front wheels up-between the rear tires to provide added stability.

This ingenious bike can reach 56 km p/h on a 4-hour battery charge.

This article was originally published on EngineerJobs.com.au