Real Estate Professionals in High Demand Across Australia

A new report from an esteemed global, specialist recruitment firm has found Australia’s need for talented property professionals is rising, stimulated by strengthening property sectors across the country.

5 Report Highlights

1. Many emerging property sector roles on offer are permanent across the country. Whereas, in the previous 18 months the sector leaned towards contract based positions.

2. Booming Brisbane & Melbourne markets are showing the most demand for experienced commercial and residential real estate managers.

3. Perth, Darwin & Adelaide are also upping their intake of residential property managers as agencies look to develop their rent role.

4. Assistant property managers are needed in the residential real estate sector as increasingly property firms are adopting a shared portfolio arrangement. Under this structure, 1 senior property manager along with 2 assistants manage 300+ properties, instead of 1 manager assigned 100 properties. 

5. More thorough hiring processes and sophisticated testing suites are being utilised by employers looking for the right hire.

Candidates Wanted!

Skills in Demand

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