5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job

You may be reading these articles or scrolling through the job search link and think, “I need to quit my job and start fresh”.  Which is great, you shouldn't be working in a career you hate. However, don’t jump the gun too soon. There is a lot to think about before quitting.

We have compiled you a checklist of questions to ask yourself.

1.  Are you single or do you have an extremely supportive partner?

If you are in a relationship, quitting a job can be stressful on not only you but also your better half. Finding a job can be a long drawn out process and you need to think of the impacts it will have on your lifestyle and finances.

2.  Do you have enough cash to last you a year?

You need to have more than enough savings to get you through a year, just in case your dream job isn’t waiting for you when you quit. You may even have to think about spending less on socialising, getting a smaller house and buying cheaper clothes and food.

3.  Are you quitting your current job because you hate it or is their something else going on in your life?

Are you blaming your work life for the things going wrong in your personal life? Are these things actually going wrong because of work or is there more to it?

4.  What do I actually want to do?

Do you want an entirely different job? Do you want the same job in a new business? Do you want to start your own business?

5.  Are you willing to work in a casual job until you get that dream job?

If things get tough and the finances aren’t what you expected are you willing to work in a shop or hospitality?