Questions Not to Ask During a Job Interview

At any job interview, the recruiter will ask you many questions, regarding your education, previous experiences, ambitions, and expectations, and, at the end they will give you the chance to ask questions. While this is the time to clear up any doubts and make sure you understand everything, there are some questions you should never ask, as they could actually end up costing you the job.

“Can you tell me about the company?”

Asking anything along the lines of this says you haven’t done any research on the company. Make sure you go through the company website and know exactly what they do – then you can come up with better questions. If the company you have applied for is a startup, ask them specific questions about their history or any particular achievements that have interested or impressed you – your knowledge and involvement will leave a great impression.

“What salary are you offering?”

Don’t ask questions about compensation, holiday time, or promotion prospects. Firstly, it is presumptuous to assume you will get the job before the end of the selection process – wait to negotiate your salary after you’ve been offered the job. And don’t ask for a promotion before you’ve even shown the company what you can do for them.

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