Popular Job Search Tips You Should Ignore

Finding a new job – or looking for your first job! – is already hard and stressful enough without your parents, their friends and pretty much everyone you know trying to help you out. Sure, they mean well, and at such a difficult time, some guidance is definitely appreciated, however there are a few popular tips you should ignore.

Today’s job market is so competitive that if you want to stand out and secure an interview, you need to think outside the box. So don’t stick to any all-purpose format. Be creative while making sure your accomplishments speak for themselves.

There will come a time when HR representatives will ask about your current or previous salary. Before telling them – either the truth or an exaggerated figure –, ask them about the offer first. That way you will have the upper hand in the negotiation.

While you should definitely demonstrate interest in the position, you don’t want to seem desperate. Be professional and show you can get the job done.

You don’t want to seem overconfident. And this specific example might actually portray lack of confidence. So at the end of an interview, ask any questions you are genuinely curious about – what it’s like working at that company, how long your interviewer has been working there, etc. –, and then thank your interviewer. Following up with a thank-you note or email is also advisable. 

This article was originally published on PersonnelConcept.com.au