Pokémon Go and Job Hunters

Possibly the only extremely popular video game that encourages and rewards players to move around, Pokémon Go is genius in its simplicity. As you move around your neighbourhood, the app tells you what Pokémon are nearby; once you find a monster, you throw pokéballs at it trying to catch it. Sometimes, even after you’ve already caught them, they escape and run away. You see people around you staring at their phones, walking funny, and you know they are fellow Pokémon masters; so you talk to them, you exchange tips, and keep going. Just because you let that bulbasaur escape, you won’t simply quit playing.

How Pokemon Go Relates to Job Hunting

If you compare Pokémon Go with job hunting, there are a lot of similarities. Similar to pokemon go's ability to find creates based on location, job search apps  alos let you select jobs based on location and discover variability of jobs depending on geo-location. Also similar is the way networking and sharing information with peers is so important, valuable and helpful for both pokemon and job search success.

Perhaps the most significant similarity however is the most important factor to success—perseverance. Finding a job can be very difficult, especially if you are searching for your dream job. Think about your favourite Pokémon from your childhood, you have probably been looking for it since you first downloaded the game, and even if you haven’t found it yet you keep going. Sometimes, when you apply for a job you really want, you might even get an interview and still not get the job – like the runaway bulbasaur. We suggest you keep going.

At least one thing is very different: while on Pokémon Go you want to catch them all, in your job hunt you just need to ‘catch’ the right one.

This article was originally published on PersonnelConcept.com.au