Part 2: Set Your Priorities Straight By Performing A Year End Review

Now we turn to tackling the final stages of your personal Year End Review, following-on from Part 1.

3. Measure Results If Applicable

When quantifiable and if your line of work allows you to do so, figure-out your level of productivity by assigning numbers to your 2015 results. Look at such areas as: increased client/employee retention, heightened revenue, cost savings, and any other measurable results which could give you an indication of how productive you truly are.

4. Balance Your Personal Feedback With Input From Co-Workers & Friends

As personal bias can often result in a less than accurate self-critique assessment, it is vital you follow-up your self-reflection with input from co-workers and other key stakeholders in your life, such as a mentor, close friends, family members, or anyone else who you consider worth hearing out.  

"You might find you are judging yourself too harshly, or conversely, too optimistically. Identify the gaps and come up with [a] consensus,” recommends Ms Scherwin.

5. Come Up With A Game Plan For 2016

Now that you are armed with a breadth of insight and helpful feedback from others, it is time to figure out how to proceed over the coming year.

Get focused and get planning.

Jot down weaker areas to improve upon, continue dominating in areas you excel at, figure out what areas you would like to work on this year, career-wise as well as personally, and determine what would make you most fulfilled in your career, as well as in your personal life.

Once the plan is established, fulfill it bit-by-bit throughout 2016, ticking off goals as they are accomplished so that by the end of the year you can look-back on all you have achieved (and all the goals you have abandoned by the wayside) to clearly see how you have fared.

Analysing your life from a big picture perspective will help you lay the foundations for proceeding fruitfully, year after year, into the future.

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