Outstanding Engineering Driven Cultures Display 3 Chief Attributes

Engineering driven companies which enjoy first-rate, engineering driven cultures can be recognised by looking out for 3 distinguishing features.

Before we dive into describing what these characteristics are, first we should elaborate as to what exactly constitutes an engineering driven company.

3 Cornerstones of an Engineering Driven Company

To identify companies driven by an engineering culture you must first look for those which differentiate on technology by checking for 3 key distinctive characteristics:

  1. The engineering division is the largest department within the firm.

  2. These businesses produce high-tech products designed to fix complex problems which require advanced software, analytics and data solutions.

  3. Their products are often purchased by engineering clients who value their offerings highly.

What Does a First-Class Engineering Driven Culture Look Like?

An engineering driven company can boast it has a world-class engineering focused culture if it displays these 3 attributes:

1. All decision making is handled using objective criteria and impartiality.

2. Automation is of significant importance.

While keeping safety front and centre in mind, optimisation and efficiency are strived for by replacing manual procedures and processes with sophisticated software solutions wherever the opportunity arises throughout the companies different departments.

The ‘proportional investment’ principal influences and guides the company’s allocation of resources and time. This principal entails that when a person needs to fix an unexpected problem, an equal amount of time is allotted to fix the problem permanently.

3.  Performance is the primary factor taken into account when forming teams, not politics.


This article was originally published on EngineerJobs.com.au