Opportunities Ahead for Lawyers Willing to Think Outside the Box

As workforce and workplace relationships evolve – moving away from traditional employer-employee hierarchies, towards contracting and other more flexible collaborative work arrangements, employers’ and workers’ legal rights go through changes too.

According to Cross Chambers Westgarth’s third annual workplace report, due to the intense growth that collaborative, peer-to-peer platforms such as Airbnb, Mojo Power, and Task Rabbit are experiencing, workplace culture, relationships, and health and safety procedures and regulations will face new challenges in the near future.

John Tuck, a partner in Cross Chambers Westgarth, says that these trends identified in the firm’s latest report present new prospects and opportunities for lawyers, as they help clients navigate such complex changes to the workplace.

Tuck believes practitioners who stay tuned and ahead of the game, focusing on how workplace relationships’ evolution intersect with law, and who are thinking “outside of the traditionally soiled approach to the categories of employment, discrimination, industrial relations and safety” are the professionals who will “bring a holistic approach to solving new problems” and who will stay relevant to the Australian market.

This article was originally published on LawJobs.com.au