Next-Gen Technology Unveiled at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show

One of the world’s foremost technological sales showcases and conferences, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is underway in Las Vegas, offering a sneak-peek at what new gadgets and electronic toys are predicted to come onto the market and dominate popularity stakes worldwide in the near future.

Why Attend CES?  

The event brings together large and smaller technology companies from across the globe eager to show-off their latest high-tech offerings. With 170,000 delegates in attendance, along with keynote speeches delivered by numerous thought-leaders and visionaries, the CES is an event not to be missed by tech aficionados and entrepreneurs.

What’s not to be missed at CES 2016?

1. Driverless Cars

New autonomous and electric car prototypes will be revealed from Volkswagen, Faraday Future and General Motors, along with various new developments from other major car manufacturers.

An announcement regarding a joint initiative to design and build a new mainstream, self-driving car is also expected from Ford and Google, in light of Google’s prediction that 10 million self-driving vehicles will be on our streets by 2020, a forecast which is regarded by some experts as overly-ambitious.

“Introducing autonomous vehicles into rolling stock of driver-led cars… will take 20 years, not 5,” commented Regina Joseph, the forecasting expert and lead at Future Lab, New York University.

2. A New Platform is Available for Investors & Start-Ups

The crowd-funding Kickstarter platform has expanded the event’s entrepreneurial space, giving attendees direct access to speak with engineers, not marketers.

“Everybody is learning from everybody else. It’s an exciting time to be doing hard-ware and consumer electronics,” commented John Dimatos, Kickstarter’s director of technology and design communities.

Not to be missed Amongst CES Tech Unveilings Are…

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