New Year, New Career! Take 2016 Head-On With These 6 New Year Career Resolutions Part 1

If you’re ready to kick-start a career in the New Year, then you will need to consider your priorities and get engaged in job hunt preparation ASAP as 2016 dawns.

“Oftentimes, companies have just re-evaluated their budget and departmental needs, and are prepared to bring in new employees at the beginning of the year," said Thomas Moran, CEO of US resource consulting firm Addison Group.

New Year, New Career, 6 Step Job Hunt Checklist

1. Get your priorities in order and figure out what is most important to you.

If you’re just going through the motions, stuck in a soul destroying business which demands blinding loyalty then it might be time to look around for an employer who values your efforts and ideas.

Really reflect upon your current employer and allow yourself to honestly assess what the most sensible next step for your career trajectory is.

It can be difficult to put your emotional and career well-being ahead of your immediate financial needs, everyone’s situation is different, but in the long run, enjoying & taking pride in your work, are paramount to living a prosperous, happy, (or at least contented) existence and maintaining your wellbeing.

2. Know what you want out of your new job.

It’s not enough to know you want to change employers, you also need to be targeted and focused in your job goals.

Identify your skill-set, your point of difference, and where you might see yourself in a few years. Then you need to analyse what aspects of your current job you do and don’t enjoy.

What is it about your work you love and how can you set yourself up to continue along this career avenue into the future. You need to ensure you don’t allow yourself to be sidelined into positions which won’t further your career. That’s not to say, you should tell co-workers “that’s not my job” when they could use your help, but just be wary of becoming pigeon-holed into a role you do not see yourself in long-term. The longer you spend performing duties divorced from your career ambitions, the harder it becomes to realign your career further down the track.

3. Understand what leadership style you respond well to and what sort of culture appeals to your personality.

You spend much of your life at work, so it’s imperative you enjoy the work culture and respect the leadership. If you do not, then it’s a sure sign you need to move on.

What is it about your current employer’s management style, or the business’ work culture which irks you? Is it the top-down authoritarian structure which stifles your creativity leaving no room for in-put or ideas? Or, is the management style disorganised & chaotic impinging upon your ability to do your work properly & pushing blame down the ladder? Or, are you micro-managed day-in/day-out, leaving you feeling frustrated at the lack of management’s trust in your abilities?

Whatever the problems within the organisation, an employer’s leadership style and the sort of work culture fostered are of utmost importance when it comes to feeling at ease and valued within a business.

Identify the sort of work culture which appeals to you and what sort of leadership style you respect & respond best to before moving onto

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