New Ways To Promote Workplace Safety

This month, workers across the nation are engaging the latest ideas and developments in workplace safety. The program will include a new virtual seminar series as well as several events across the nation.

In the lead-up to the launch, Safe Work Australia’s Acting Chief Executive Officer Michelle Baxter, announced this year’s theme: Work Safe, Home Safe.

“It reminds us that our most important reason for staying safe at work is not at work at all - we all want to go home safely to our family, friends and loved ones.” Michelle Baxter said.

It is estimated that work-related injury and illness costs more than $60 billion each year and that transport, construction and agriculture industries are most heavily affected. Safe Work Australia Month aims to promote occupational safety and highlight the risk associated with different work environments.

Safe Work Australia encourages employees, managers and safety representatives to promote health and safety in their workplace by registering as safety ambassadors. Those registered as ambassadors will receive an online resource kit for raising awareness and hosting activities in their local area.

This year’s program features include a number of live discussion panels hosted by business leaders and academics. The initiative is inclusive of safety concerns for all employees, including those who spend a majority of the time at work performing sedentary tasks.   

“We are becoming more aware of just how detrimental sitting for prolonged periods can be to our health” Michelle Baxter said. “During safety month we will be holding information sessions, conducting practical exercises and discussing different ways we can all get moving more while at work.”

This year, Safe Work Australia have introduced the Safety Month Workplace Participation Award for an organisation that exhibits outstanding participation.

Capital cities will host several nation-wide events throughout October, such as Mental Health First Aid Training Course and Mines Safety Roadshow. There will also be a series of workshops for businesses about managing complex claims.    

Other upcoming events include the National Safety Psychology in Sydney and ‘Six Pillars of Dangerous Goods Transport’, an information session in Western Australia. 

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