New Technologies to Encourage Funding for Construction

The global construction sector is transforming. A range of new technologies are emerging and will help increase productivity, surety and predictability of construction projects which are set to encourage investments.

The Drones Have Arrived

The use of drones, augmented reality, 3D printing, big data, and BIM during all planning, financing and physically building stages are reinventing the global industry. Big data and cloud systems are being used for projects design and management, while 3D printing, prefabricating parts and additive manufacturing are used to speed up physical building processes.

Big Data is Big Money

Optioneering and predictive big data analysis are catalysing positive changes in productivity, waste management and reduction, and acceleration of schedules, while greater material options in 3D printing allow for prefab parts to be more broadly used, minimising costs. All of which help maximise profit margins, which are traditionally low in the construction industry.

By cutting down risks, increasing surety and predictability, new technologies are making infrastructure projects more appealing to investors.

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