3 New Features Now Available in Sage One

The cloud-based accounting software for small businesses gained three big add-on features earlier this month. To keep up with their customers’ needs and improve productivity, Sage One now offers Time Tracking, Direct Bank Feeds, and Multi-Currency, all designed with the company’s aim to help business owners run their businesses more efficiently. Each optional feature will cost around $10 a month from June 1st.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking assists users in creating more accurate billing for clients. As the name suggests users can now start capturing time, and invoice out time linked to timesheet entries. It also allows users to set up projects and tasks and to then set each project its own budgets, rates, and billing preferences. The new feature can also link expenses to projects and optionally recharge them to clients.

Direct Bank Feeds

Direct Bank Feeds let users automatically import statements from banks/financial institutions into Sage One, so they can view all transactions in one screen. Users can also add bank statement mapping rules and split transaction lines when processing to banks – so a single transaction can be allocated to more than one account.


Multi-Currency is particularly useful for businesses that buy and sell internationally. It allows them to send invoices, set up bank accounts and make purchases in other currencies, while facilitating currency fluctuation management and keeping up with the latest end of day exchange rates.

Sage believes these new features will enhance their product’s functionality, and through reduced administration and increased collaboration between users and their accountants, the company claims it will improve productivity – ultimately giving their customers what they want.

For more information on the software updates, head over to sageone.com.au

This article was originally published on AccountantJobs.com.au