NBN Will Connect 2.9 Million Homes And Businesses By 2016

NBN Co has announced that approximately 1.9 million homes and businesses across the states and territories will be connected by June 2016.

Currently 300,000 premises have been connected, however the aim is to connect eight million by 2020.

Planned connections:

This is all fantastic news considering Australian’s internet is one of the slowest in the world.

Currently, 7.1 million Australians get less than 24Mbps, while 3.7 million are getting less than 9Mbps and 920,000 people has less than 4.8Mbps.

This may all sound like a random bunch of numbers, however South Korea, the country with the fastest and most far reaching internet, have speeds of 54.1Mbps.

On this list of internet speeds, Australia sits at number 30 with connection speeds dropping by two and a half percent.