11 Must-Have Productivity Apps for Doing Business

Use technology to your advantage and get on top of your work with these 7 indispensible apps for professionals, managers and business owners.


This app is awesome for practicality. Evernote lets you take and store voice recordings, store files, images, documents, notes, information and much more. It has got handy reference information and excellent search features. Evernote is very popular and widely regarded as one of the best apps for improving workplace productivity.


DropBox offers free cloud storage solutions ideal for employees and employers. You can upgrade to a paid premium service, but DropBox has such a large, free capacity, you probably won’t need to.


This app is intended for task management purposes. It has a clean and uncluttered user-face which allows you to make lists, colour code tasks, email in tasks and manage tasks amongst colleagues, as well as delegate tasks.


Anydo is another great task and list manager app.

Google Keep

This one is handy for lists and short notes.


This is a great app for keeping team members connected and in the loop when project managing. It encourages collaboration and the visuals help colour-code vital information to keep things organised and easily identifiable for scanning purposes.


Hangouts is great for receiving your texts and Gmail messages all in the one spot. It is especially renowned for its video call capability.


Wunderlist is great for coordinating your life and business activities. It syncs to any device or operating system and has just about every tool to simplify organising. Lists, schedules, notifications, emails, subtasks, sharing and so much more is doable with Wunderlist. 


If you use Twitter for business purposes then Talon will help you become more efficient and productive with sending off tweets. It is neatly designed and just makes tweeting easier.


This one is great for businesses and employees who use Twitter and wish to send tweets outside business hours. You can program it to send tweets while you sleep. It also schedules tasks across your social networks.


If you are a gamer in your spare time then this app may be what you need to keep yourself engaged and on-task at work. HabitRPG works like a videogame, as you progress through your programmed in, business tasks and goals you progress in the game. Straightforward, yet amusing.