Multidisciplinary Teams and Increased Productivity

University of the Sunshine Coast Professor of Sports Science (Biomechanics), Brendan Burkett reflects on his own research and personal experiences and concludes a “meeting of the minds” is the way to go for producing new and exciting innovations.

He believes the old days of mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering “all throw(ing) rocks at each other are over.” He says all areas must come together and expand their knowledge into other areas.

His ideas come from personal experience; as a sports science researcher, his studies of bioengineering – specifically osseointegration, the structural linkage made at the contact point where human bone and synthetic implant meet, – aim to improve outcomes for amputees. As an amputee himself – he was involved in a motorbike accident in 1985 –, and successful osseointegration surgery patient, he believes this example of collaboration between the work of clinicians and the ingenuity of engineers demonstrates just how much further science goes with a diverse research team.

“If people keep doing the same thing in the same way, they get the same result,” professor Burkett says.

If you would like to learn more about Professor Burkett’s research in osseointegration, or listen to his ideas about multidisciplinary teams, he will be at the Australian Engineering Conference in November. For tickets and event information, click here.

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