Most Misunderstood Jobs in Australia

Are you working in a job that you have to explain on a daily basis? These jobs can be anything from an Actuary (does anyone know what this is?) to a PR manager. Often these jobs are misunderstood, especially PR managers because they are shown in film and television as attending beautiful events and guzzling French champagne. It can be disheartening for students who are choosing careers based on these misconceptions. So hopefully this will clear it up.

LinkedIn has recently conducted some research into the most misunderstood jobs in Australia.

  1. User Interface Designer – Designs and builds websites, machines and apps making them user friendly.
  2. Data Scientist – Analyse and sort data that the government has collected about us. They then find insights into everything from why we buy certain shampoo to where we choose to live.
  3. Actuary – Often work for insurance companies. They analyse and work with numbers to calculate risk and opportunity.
  4. Sub Editor – Make sure there are no typos of inaccuracies in the published work.
  5. Sociologist – Study how people work and relate to society, organisations and institutions.
  6. Social Media Manager – Scroll through and monitor Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and Google+.
  7. PR Manager – Write stories their clients want to sell.
  8. Radio Producer – Come up with stunts, segments, talent and scripts to make the show interesting for listeners.
  9. Civil Servant – Anyone who works for the government.
  10. Laboratory Technician – Someone who operates medical equipment or work in medical or science labs preparing specimens or test samples.