Millennials 5 Most Popular, Cutting Edge Engineering Fields

By 2020, millennials are expected to make up 50% of the global work-force and with this in mind, here’s the 5 niche, high-tech fields which offer great appeal and career promise for budding engineers.

1. Drone Engineering

Global heavy-weight companies are keenly interested in the productivity and efficiency improvements drone technology advances unlock. Amazon, one of many companies, are looking to start using drone delivery systems in just a short year or 2 from now. Even McDonalds has their eye on such tech.

Jobs such as UAV aerospace engineer, or UAV developer should be pursued by interested engineers.

2. Augmented Reality Engineering

Augmented reality engineering, also known as virtual reality engineering, is a monumentally exciting field to become a part of right now. Behemoths such as Google, Nokia and so many more are all investing in research and development in this area.

Those involved in this field could be doing anything from engineering devices for shooting & watching a virtual reality movie, to engineering 3D models for augmented reality video-game testing and so much more.

Careers in this field are growing and offer any number of exciting career paths and new opportunities. Even the banking sector is looking into integrating such technology.

Job titles can vary, so look for titles ranging from optical design engineer, or 3D modeller/artist, to multimedia designer, to VR developer.

3. Modern Structural Engineering

Architecture evolves and so must structural engineers and city planners. Modern aesthetic demands coupled with countries across the world looking towards adopting more sustainable building practices, mean the engineers of today have a lot to deal with.

If you believe in renewable energy and sustainability, have a talent for design and approach your work meticulously then this field may be perfect for you.

In this collaborative engineering field, engineers must be able to communicate well with designers and stay up to date on the latest software imperative to doing their job.

Those interested in this type of engineering should look for structural engineer job titles.

4. Biomedical Engineering

Healthcare and biology is another field which is becoming hugely exciting. The future of healthcare is being forged thanks to advances in new biomedical technologies including nanomedicine, bionics and so much more.

Engineers in this field who develop, test, maintain & fix these various technologies get hands-on experience working on the medical sectors most cutting-edge and ground-breaking projects.

One possible job title to look for is biomedical engineering technician.

5. Nuclear Engineering

It could be argued nuclear engineers are more vital today than ever before. As renewable energy alternatives become increasingly important across the globe, these are the experts helping to mitigate climate change and ensure our future of our next generations.

Nuclear engineers research and develop processes and systems which harness nuclear power. Often, they re-purpose the energy harnessed, or find practical applications.

Those interested should look for nuclear engineer job titles. 

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