Life As An Accountant

There is a common misconception surrounding accountants. It is that they are boring. However, today we are going to bust that myth, mythbuster style.

My personal experience with accountants has been anything but boring. I have friends who work for the top accounting firms in Australia and their lives are anything but boring.

Here are some examples of their so-called boring lives:

That doesn’t sound boring at all, does it? So why is it we think accountants are boring?

Apparently, it’s because of the language they use. It is a very grey, uninspired, jargon-heavy language that is often not understood. Therefore, it must be boring. It also has a lot to do with how accounting is portrayed in television shows and movies. People just assume that it must be a boring career.

To me it sounds like accounting is widely misunderstood, and if we can’t understand it then we just label it as boring. If you are looking for a career, accounting is great, do some research and you will feel the same.