Law Grads: Start Thinking Outside The Square!

law graduate

If you are a law graduate your catch phrase should be ‘think outside the square’. The future for lawyers is changing.  

Not only are different organisations looking for lawyers, different job titles need lawyers to fill their positions. For example, lawyers are becoming HR Managers, Claims Officers, Compliance Managers, Project Coordinators, Dispute Analysts, Industrial Relations Advisors and Members of Parliament.

Events are being held around the country for law students to explore less conventional organisations. Each university holds their own career expo’s for students to network with those in the industry. The Queensland Law Society holds a Legal Expo every March for law graduates. The Queensland Government holds a jobs expo every year as well as, The Australian Council of Private Education and Training (ACPET).

These events are helping students to look at whole new industries and organisations to use their law skills. For example, the Australian Centre for Justice Innovation, Environment Victoria, The Conservation Foundation, Amnesty International, the International Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Community Legal Centres, Ombudsman offices and various state and federal government departments are looking for lawyers.

The message is clear for lawyers to stop limiting themselves in their career choices; there is a whole world of opportunity waiting to be scooped up.


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