Job Seeking Depression? 7 Ways To Cope

Job seeking can be frustrating, stressful and depressing whether you are graduating from university or high school or you have recently lost your job. This can then move its way to your job search reducing your lack of motivation and enthusiasm, making it hard to gain employment. 

Job Search Anxiety is a major issue and if you match any of these symptoms then you need to reassess what you are doing.


If you are experiencing job search depression, do not stress yourself out anymore. There are many ways you can cope:

1. First of all, don’t take it too personally. You may not have met the requirements for that job, but there are other positions out there for someone with your skill set. You haven’t been knocked back because they think you are a failure.

2. Secondly, keep up a routine. Get up at a regular time and treat job searching like a full-time job. Too much time sleeping in and watching television can lead to depression, self-pity and self-punishment.  In a recent study, they found that 128 out of 177 people who took job-searching on as full-time job found a position within a 20-week study period. It is important to exercise during this period as it is an excellent way to distress.

3. Thirdly, keep a job search journal where you can record calls, applications, feedback, contacts and events. This will help you reiterate to yourself that you are making a significant effort and boost your confidence.

4. Fourthly, reach out and talk to people. You never know where your next job opportunity may come from so make an effort with people and discuss your job searching with people.

5. Fifthly, attend support groups and get professional help in order to understand that there are other people like you experiencing unemployment or graduate stress.

6. Sixthly, apply for internships and volunteer work. This is still proactively looking for a job but also distracting yourself by getting out of the house.

7. Next, think outside the box and take initiative. Email possible employers you find appealing, search for different keywords, look on the actual businesses webpages and go into their offices.

Finally, believe in yourself. The second you stop believing in yourself the employer will too.