Job Prospects Rising for Accountants

A recent job market report has released findings showing the accounting field (along with finance) is firing on all cylinders with increases recorded across the board in job positions created. High candidate confidence was also reported.

Top Professionals in Demand

When it comes to commerce:

1. Financial Accountants

Those specialising in compliance who are seeking to relocate into commerce from a chartered environment are in demand for mid-level positions.

Meanwhile, as natural turnover increases, Senior Financial Accountants should find opportunities arising as the Big 4 look to replace outgoing staff. These kinds of positions require accomplished, polished and high calibre professionals with commerce experience and experience working with second tier or Big 4 companies.

2. Management Accountants

Cost focused Management Accountants will increase in demand as business cost pressures rise. More and more businesses are putting all their energies into growth and those accountants who know their way around automating processes and improving transparency will find themselves in an enviable position.

Round candidates who possess financial and management accounting experience will also find their job opportunities open-up as more jobs become fused into one.

3. Commercial Analysts

Commercial Analysts are in demand because businesses are moving towards increasing efficiency and improving processes while decreasing costs.

Report Highlights

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