Job Hunting in a New Town

Sometimes, when in-between jobs, people may feel that they need a big change in their lives, and one way of achieving that is moving to a new town. If you are looking forward to such a big move, we suggest you find employment before moving, and we warn you: this is usually a lengthy and complicated process. But it can be done, and to help, we have gathered a few tips for you.


You may find that hiring managers aren’t too keen on applicants who, if hired, would need to relocate, as often candidates change their minds at the last minute, usually because of unexpected moving costs, or higher-than-expected living costs.

The only way you can be prepared is by doing research – lots of it. Look at the cost of living in different cities; good indicators are average cost of rent, food-staple items like milk, butter, eggs, and bread, and car insurance prices. You should also have a look at the average lifestyle and community culture in those places, especially if you are moving on your own and don’t know anyone in the new city.


It’s important that you focus on one city or metropolitan area and star planning your move. Adding an estimate date of arrival to your resume will help hiring managers take your application more seriously.


Use your professional network – if you know anyone in the new city, or if someone you know knows someone who could help you, ask for introductions. Also, don’t be afraid to use LinkedIn; reach out to people in your industry.

Lastly, try to spend less of your time applying for jobs through websites and more of it networking; your resume will have more impact if it’s handed to a hiring manager by someone they know.

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