Job Application Tips From An Expert to Help Land That Interview

When it comes to putting together job applications it’s best to listen to the experts, so to make sure yours gives you the best chance of securing an interview here’s 5 real-world job application tips to consider when job hunting courtesy of an independent recruiting and consulting pro.

1. Where Did You Discover The Advertisement?

Cover this off first succinctly. Did you see it on a job board? If yes, then you would have trawled through many ads so what is it about this job advertisement which prompted you to apply. If you encountered the advertisement on the business’ website then even better as this suggests you have been considering working for them before the position became available.

2. Why Should The Business Hire You? Qualifications?

Be brief in your application and get to the point in two sentences at most. You should mention experience relevant to the position only. Make sure you relate your past experiences and qualifications directly to what is required in the advertisement. Condense everything and try to squeeze in an accomplishment if it relates.

3. Show You Are Interested In The Position

Once you’ve covered off the first and second application tip it’s time to show the recruiter you are keen. One sentence is enough.

Ideally, you should throw in a bit of information on the business to show you’ve done your homework. This bit of background should be followed by a quick explanation covering off why this makes working for them appeal to you. Did the business website describe the company culture in a manner which sparked your interest? Don’t go over the top. No one likes a suck-up.

4. Mention the Business’ Name at Least Twice

Nothing is worse than a generic application which uses “your company” or variations thereof. It shows you put minimal effort in and implies you’re just looking for any job out there and are not really interested in working for this business specifically. Any business will do.

Mention the business’ name, preferably address the application to the person who posted the advertisement and include the address and contact details of the business for top marks.

5. Proof-Read!

Ensure you re-read your job application before sending it. Making a simple spelling error, or accidently using the wrong business name can happen in the blink of an eye when job hunting so it’s imperative you double-check what you’ve written.