Is This Job Really Right For You? 4 Questions To Ask Your Interviewer

A job interview is not only about finding out whether you are suitable and qualified for the role on offer, but also if the business is the ‘right fit’ for you and fosters a mutually beneficial relationship. 

To discover whether a business is indeed a good match for you, you need to find out all you can about what life as one of their employees is like.

Here’s 4 questions you should ask the interviewer when you go for your next job:

1. “Why do you enjoy working here?

There is no better way of finding out what it is like working for a business than asking those employed by it. An insider’s perspective can help you glean information about day-to-day work culture and insight into the type of personalities who work there.

2. “Do you think you will remain with this business for a while?”

The answer given will provide insight into the calibre of staff and whether the business values good hires, keeping them around long-term and supporting them in their career-progression. This should help you figure out if it is likely to be a short-term job, or a position in which you can continue building your career.

3. “What top 3 characteristics do your best staff share?”

This will shine a light on what the business will expect from you and what sort of personalities prosper, thrive and are given preference. If you don’t possess any of the traits mentioned, don’t panic. A business needs all types of people to flourish, maybe the position they’re hiring for is precisely on offer because they want to add a different personality to flavour the mix.

4. “What would be expected from me over the first 3 months?”

If this hasn’t been clearly discussed then be direct and just ask exactly what their expectations are. Asking this question shows you take initiative, are no-nonsense and are keen to excel. A clear answer from the interviewer will allow you to plan and prepare properly, setting you up to grow and progress in your role from even before you have started your first day. 

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