2 Interview Trick Tests You Should Know

In today’s tough job market you need to pull out all the stops to land a job in your particular field, most especially if you are lacking work experience so make sure you are whole-heartedly prepared not only for the interview questions themselves, but also for any sneaky interview ‘trick’ tests a potential employer might throw in.

The Interview Scenario

So you’ve arrived at your job interview a bit ahead of time (not too early though, not that you clash with the previous job applicant, 5 minutes is perfect).  You are fully-prepared, resume up-to-date and well-written, references printed or portfolio in hand, polished appearance and a spring in your step, or simply quiet confidence (whatever works for you) and a friendly demeanour.

You’ve rehearsed all the conceivable interview question variations you could come up with and know you’ll blow the interviewer away, you’ve got the necessary experience and accreditation and if your references were to glow anymore they’d catch fire, but it’s an employers’ market out there and you know full-well most employers can afford to be as choosy as they like when hiring new staff.

Some employers have begun employing ‘trick tests’ into interviews (great when they’re having a hard time deciding between stellar candidates) which helps them detect whether or not you’re a good fit personality-wise and culture-wise for the business.

What Sort of ‘Trick’ Tests Should You Look Out For?

The Water Test

When you enter your interview, you might be offered a glass, cup, or bottle of water to see what you do with it at the end of the interview. Will you leave it on the table for someone else to clean-up? Will you ask where the bin is and throw it away yourself? Will you ask someone to put it in the trash for you? How you handle this says a lot about what sort of person you are; do you expect people to pick up after you & do your dirty work, or are you considerate, polite and take responsibility for your own affairs?

The Water Test will play out differently in every interview, but in any scenario, the correct response is offering to throw it away yourself.

Meet & Greet Test

Workshop, an Australian, boutique advertising firm has been employing a different ‘trick’ test to gauge how job candidates treat people.

When a candidate arrives for an interview at Workshop, how they meet and greet the person who opens the door is gauged.

“You can’t teach people to care, that’s something they’re brought up with. We want our guys to really care about their work and who they do it for. We also want them to care about themselves and their own development. Someone who really cares about a job is not going to be rude to the person who answers the door”, points out Workshop chief executive Jamie Kwong.